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Hi I’m Johnny and I help clients grow their businesses online with effective marketing campaigns. More traffic, increased sales or a better online presence – whatever your goals; I can work with you to optimise the web to your advantage.


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Facebook Advertising

Facebook data allows you to advertise to specific groups of people from more than one billion active users.Target by demographics, buying behaviours or interests that are closely related to your business or products.

Landing Page Design

Designing a landing page specific to a campaign will maximise results and encourage visitors to take action. Remove unecessary clutter and use persuasive ad copy to avoid wasted opportunities.

Lead Generation

Get the most from your website visits by capturing leads via email opt-in. Use these leads to build relationships, promote offers and convert customers.

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I’m an online marketing specialist with over 6 years of multi-disciplinary industry experience. I strongly believe Facebook can help you grow your business but, you have to approach it strategically. I combine my skills in landing page design and lead generation with a specialised focus on Facebook Ads and PPC to drive traffic, conversion and sales gains. By identifying the gaps in your current campaigns and decoding the data; I help YOU develop creative and effective strategies that show you how to attribute your spend to tangible results.

I’m also human and frequently take off my marketing goggles to travel, practice my photography, learn Spanish, read and drink (lots of) coffee.

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